Local Honey to the Rescue!

Seasonal allergies. They mean something different to every person you talk to. For me, I’d never experienced seasonal allergies until I moved to Nashville, TN. The first few years I lived here, I didn’t notice it much. Then suddenly.. BAM! Every Spring and every Fall I am hit with debilitating allergies. I am affected mostly in my eyes, redness, watering, burning, extreme light sensitivity, but also experience brain fog, confusion etc.

This past week, our whole family took the day off Monday to experience the magnificent total solar eclipse. It was hands down one of the most amazing things I’ve even seen, I absolutely love that my family got to experience it together. That night I accidently fell asleep in my contacts (which I NEVER do) and woke up the next morning with blood red eyes so sensitive I could barely stand any light, think clearly or hold an intelligent conversation.

The entire rest of the week, it was all out war. Seasonal allergies VS. me.

My usual remedies consist of:
1. Local bee pollen: I take 1 tsp 1-3x per day
2. Allertonic: 2-3 full droppers in 4 oz of water 2-3x per day
3. Vitamic C- 2,000 mg
4. Essential Oils: Lavender, peppermint and lemon mixed: I diffuse this in every room.
5. Nettie pot: At night and in AM: Least favorite remedy but desperate sisutaions call for desperate measures.
6. Sinus Soothe tea from High Garden, our favorite local tea shop
7. Early to bed: 8:30-9 PM I was out like a light!
8. I had my early morning appointments covered so I had time for my at home remedies

Nothing seemed to be working!! I finally had the thought.. Who sells local MOUT JULIET honey?? That might be the answer I am looking for!

We found a Mount Juliet farm that raises bees pesticide fee and drove out to get some. I started consuming 1 tbls 2x per day and by the next day I saw significant improvement! I could hold a conversation, the fog in my brain began to clear. I didn’t have to wear sunglasses indoors and my eyes stopped watering! Local honey to the rescue!!

It’s Saturday and I am sitting outside writing this blog post. I am not afraid to go outside Nashville! I built up my tolerance with local bee pollen and honey!