How We Began

about us
about us

Most of you know that I own a gym in the Nashville with my husband, Israel but what most people don’t realize it that a few years into the growth of re:MOVE//Training, Israel’s health took a downward spiral. He’d been the picture of health until his early 20’s, earning 3- 3rd degree black belts, doing stunt work in commercials, music videos, TV and film. He developed a bad sinus infection after jumping into a lake with friends. That day seemingly changed the course of his life. After that incident, he developed serious food allergies, heart symptoms, extreme fatigue and muscular weakness that took him out of his training for the better part of the past 15 years.

He cycled in and out of his symptoms, going through seasons of feeling good, enjoying running a successful gym, doing stunts in tv shows like Nashville, Vampire Diaries and films such as Hunger Games. Inevitably after a few weeks of feeling good he was always knocked back down by some invisible force for weeks or months at a time.

Two and a half years ago, his symptoms took a turn for the worse and we pulled him out of the day to day operations at re:MOVE//Training. As much as he loves training and coaching, it was too hard on him physically and mentally to be in the gym every day.

We went to doctor after doctor but nobody could give us any answers and we always came away empty handed and frustrated. We finally decided that we had no other choice but to take his health into our own hands. In an effort to find answers and get to the root of the issue, we discovered Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. After realizing the organization’s sole purpose was to bridge the gap between self-care and medical care and knowing that that is exactly where we, along with so many others, have been stuck desperate to find answers and relief, I decided to get certified with FDN.

Through FDN, I was trained to become a “Health Detective” who searches for underlying root causes of symptoms that often go undetected or misdiagnosed, then, using a very holistic approach,

He is getting better!!! We have hope for the first time in years that his condition isn’t permanent and his body CAN HEAL! This journey can be a very lonely, isolated road. It’s also a very scary place to be as it can be difficult to find answers and even when you do, most of them are not covered by insurance so it also an expensive journey.

Our mission is to help other people who find themselves in this place. We now realize health is a much bigger picture than simply working out. Health is a giant puzzle and balance of so many things the body needs to function optimally. We want to lead and guide people to the most efficient and cost effective way to restore health.

We love you and we are here to help!