How we work:
As a trained FDN – Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, we use a series of lifestyle assessments, health history and lab tests to create personalized holistic protocols for our clients. We are trained to remove interference, inflammatory foods, heavy metals, toxins and stressors to the body.

We help restore vitality to the body by depending on innate intelligence, healthy behavior changes, natural therapies, whole foods, purified water and supplementation.

We are trained to dig deeper to understand the client’s hidden internal stressors, their root cause and work to correct the issue. You can think about us like a Health Detective seeking to reveal the underlying cause behind your health issues versus trying to treat your symptoms.

We do not diagnose or treat specific diseases, rather we work on everything in a non-specific manner designed to improve the function and health of your entire body.

In a nut shell:

1. We offer functional lab testing to identify malfunctions and healing opportunities including:
-Energy Production
-Nervous System

2. We use holistic, natural therapies and behavior requirements supporting the body’s innate healing ability and teach the clients to adopt a “Health Self-Care” Model using the D.R.E.S.S for Health Success Self-Care System.

3. We support you personally every step of the way through education, a personalized health plan, emails, phone calls and face to face appointments. We are in your corner helping you take control of your health!